SHUA Fitness Equipment in Beijing Winter Olympic Village

Tuesday, October 31st, 2023
SHUA Fitness Equipment in Beijing Winter Olympic Village

SHUA have been choosen as official fitness equipment supplier for Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We provide high-level fitness machine for all athletes to train themselves.

Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games is coming. All kinds of works have been done. And Beijing Winter Olympic Village is going to welcome the athletes at January 27, 2022.

The fitness centers in Beijing Winter Olympic Village surprise the media. The fitness equipment is lined up and waits for the athletes. They feel the power of fitness.

Fitness Center in Beijing Winter Olympic Village

Based on the Olympic competition events in Beijing and the area of fitness center, SHUA offers the ideal fitness solution. The fitness center is divided into two floors, covering 2000 square meters, equipped 4000 pieces, 30 types of SHUA fitness machines.

Fitness Equipment in the Fitness Center

The lower limbs stretched strength is the most important factor for the ability of taking off, spinning and turning off on ice. Given this, SHUA equipped fitness machines for lower body training.

SH-G7701 Chest Press

It is an optimal option for activating the pectoralis major, triceps and anterior deltoid muscles. All the 77 series strength equipment provide the highest standards in basic strength training and sports performance.

89 Series Strength Rack

89 Series Strength Rack is made of high-quality material and refine design. It offers multiple functions, refine ergonomics and flexibility, providing an idea solution to meet the demands of athletes. SHUA 89 Series Rack can handle the toughest uses and the most intense workouts to increase the capacity and strength of athletes.

SH-B8860S Spinning Bike

It is designed with a ergonomic seat and walk-through to make it easy and comfortable to improve the lower body strength and tone thigh muscles. SH-B8860S spinning bike is engineered for intensity. Explore the possibilities by riding it.

SH-T9100 Treadmill

The unique design of SH-T9100 offers optimal durability, performance, and stability for athletes, allowing them to enjoy a comfortable and effective running experience. The innovative and patented running deck adapts to absorb impact efficiently, protecting your joints and offering more elastic rebounce during exercise.

SH-B9100E Elliptical

SH-B9100E elliptical features with durability, unique motions, intuitive screen, offering an exciting and effective exercise experience. Finest biomechanic design ensures the most natural movement and boosts glutes activation. It gives athletes the widest variety of training options and intensity levels.

SH-B9100U Upright Bike

The superior design of SHUA SH-B9100U upright bike with a real gear shift provides thrill and effective performance. Its reliability enables athletes to carry out simple but interesting and motivating riding experience, and to improve your power and efficiency.

As the official fitness equipment supplier for Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we provide the fitness solution for fitness centers in three Winter Olympic Villages with the professional and scientific fitness experience and insight. And we will continue to make our efforts for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

See you there.