Offical Fitness Equipment Supplier

SHUA has become a leading player in the fitness equipment industry, earning the prestigious role of official fitness equipment supplier for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, including the Olympic and Paralympic Villages’ fitness centers. This historic choice makes SHUA the first Chinese fitness equipment brand to be featured in the Olympics.

SHUA Sports has custom-designed professional and scientific fitness solutions for the three major fitness centers in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Villages. These solutions include nearly a thousand pieces of fitness equipment, strategically arranged based on event types and athlete characteristics.

Beijing Winter Olympics Village Fitness Center, 2000

Targeted Training: lower-body strength, explosiveness, endurance
Solutions: 89 series functional trainers/Qingtian series strength machines/ V10 series high-end treadmills/B8960S exercise bike
Tailored for intensive lower-body training

Yanqing Winter Olympics Village Fitness Center, 900㎡
Targeted Training: strength training, disabled athletes
Solutions: Kettlebells/Medicine balls/ Multi-gyms/Qingtian strength series/ Split-type leg press machines
Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village Fitness Center, 1200㎡
Targeted Training: endurance, balance
Solutions: Treadmills/Stationary bikes/Elliptical trainers/Upright exercise bikes/Qingtian strength series
During the competition period, the three fitness center are open 24/7 for athletes.

SHUA also has engineers on-site to handle sanitation, provide equipment guidance, and perform regular equipment inspections and maintenance, earning high praise from athletes